As optimal learning requires good emotional and physical health, the Laguna Beach Unified School Health Services staff works together with families and the community to best meet our children's health care needs. Our District Nurse works closely with the Health Clerks assigned to each of our four sites to provide an environment that promotes optimal wellness and safety. The District Nurse and site level health clerks provide individualized quality health care for students, emphasize health education, and utilize available community and school resources to promote an overall healthy lifestyle for students, staff, and families. Information regarding a variety of health-related issues and services can be found below or in the Parent section of our Forms page. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Services office at 949-497-7700. 


Anti-Seizure Medication Guide

California Vaccination Requirements

District Health Guidelines

Family Life Education

The LBUSD District Nurse will provide a class on growth and development to all of the students in 5th grade. Teaching materials used may be viewed at:

General Information

Health Care for All Families



Medication Guidelines



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