CAASPP Testing Dates
Posted 01/31/2019 10:17AM

Important Dates - Please Mark Your Calendars – CAASPP Testing Program

CAASPP stands for California Assessment of Student Progress and Performance.  This is a computerized assessment and accountability program for the State of California.  This year we will be administering the CAASPP Test for all students in grades 3, 4 and 5.  This is a standardized test and results will be reported to the school and parents from this test.  All 3rd through 5th grade students will be tested in Language Arts and Math from May 13th through May 24th.  5th grade students will also be tested in Science.  It is important that all students are in attendance on these dates to take the tests.  Please schedule all vacations, dentist and doctor appointments around these dates and do not take students out of school on these days.  Also, make sure students get plenty of rest the night before the tests, eat a nutritious breakfast on the day of testing and arrive to school on time!  We will continue to do our best to prepare the students academically. 


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