Citizenship Marks

Citizenship marks will be given at all 6, 12 and 18-week Progress Report and Report Card periods. Students will exhibit the listed traits for each mark.


  • Is a positive role model, who leads quietly or outwardly
  • Is always respectful of teachers and fellow students
  • Works to improve the classroom atmosphere
  • Takes an active part in class discussions, groups, etc.
  • Is a self-starter and seeks to help others
  • Completes all work to the best of their ability
  • Demonstrates personal and academic integrity
  • Arrives on time and prepared - there and ready


  • Contributes positively to class
  • Shows respect for others
  • Comes to class prepared and on time
  • Demonstrates personal and academic integrity
  • Listens and talks when appropriate
  • Does what is expected
  • Willing to help others

N-Needs Improvement:

  • Needs frequent reminders by the teacher to stay on task and/or behave appropriately
  • Needs improvement in showing respect to classmates/teacher
  • Sometimes comes to class unprepared and/or work isn't finished
  • Distracts other students' learning
  • Occasionally displays a negative or uncooperative attitude


  • Is a negative/disruptive influence on the class
  • Shows a lack of respect for teacher/fellow students
  • Regularly comes to class unprepared and puts forth little effort
  • Frequently tardy
  • Demonstrates a lack of personal and academic integrity