Intervention Courses


Interventions are an important tool for servicing students who struggle academically, particularly in reading and/or math. Built into our school day, these interventions are meant to bring a student up to grade-level proficiency and facilitate growth in all academic areas. Students are recommended for an intervention class on the basis of their state test scores and/or their iReady assessment results, classroom teachers’ input, and overall academic performance. Once identified, students are placed into an appropriate support based upon their level of need. These students are assessed periodically during the course of the intervention to monitor their progress. Once they reach their target grade-level, they are able to graduate out of the intervention.

ELA Academy & ELA Boost

Students in need of support in English Language Arts (ELA) are placed into either ELA Academy or ELA Boost, depending on the level of support required. The ELA Boost intervention is intended for students who have moderate needs, while the ELA Academy intervention is tailored to students who have greater needs. ELA Academy & ELA Boost are taken in addition to a student’s regular ELA course and will support student success in all subject areas.

Both levels of ELA support utilize the READ 180 curriculum.READ 180 is an innovative reading intervention program that has been shown to foster significant gains in reading achievement for students. There are several components within the READ 180 program:

  • Students will interact with and evaluate texts across a range of types and disciplines and consider multiple perspectives representing a variety of periods, cultures, and viewpoints.
  • Engaging software, with high-interest videos, builds background to help students form mental models. The software provides personalized reading instruction and practice to address each student’s needs.
  • In addition to their READ 180 text, students will have access to a range of challenging, high-quality informational and literary texts that span genres, cultures, and eras.

Together, these components will build skills and support success at TMS and beyond.

Learn more about READ 180’s innovative program.

Math Boost

Students placed in Math Boost are identified through multiple measures; iReady diagnostic data, teacher recommendations, and state testing data. Once enrolled in Math Boost, students will set goals based on their iReady data for which math topics they need to improve. iReady math is the main curriculum used in the course and teachers will supplement iReady with a blend of small group instruction, and whole-class problem solving lessons.

The purpose of Math Boost is not to be a homework club for their current class. Instead, teachers will support students in building a strong mathematical foundation so they can be successful in their current math course and beyond.