Advisement & Tutorial

What is Advisement?

Thurston’s Advisement program splits students into sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade groups that meet weekly with an Advisement teacher. Each group is made up of approximately 20-25 students. The primary purpose of Advisement is to ensure all students have a staff member who can serve as their advocate and trusted adult on campus. An important goal of Advisement is to cultivate caring relationships between teachers and students, as well as between peers, and across grade levels.

Additionally, Advisement is a time when students participate in school-wide challenges and competitions, building a sense of community, encouraging participation, fostering positive citizenship, and increasing student connection. Advisement time is also used to guide students in developing essential skills which will help them succeed in school and beyond, including lessons on time management, self-advocacy, social-emotional wellness and support, and interpersonal skills.

Examples of school-wide activities held during Advisement include:

  • Advisement Cup Challenges - (Tug-o-war, Kickball tournaments)
  • Intro into School-Wide Practices - (PBIS Behavior, TMS Elective offerings)
  • Social-Emotional Learning and Counseling Supports - (Restorative Circles, Counselor led activities)
  • Student-Driven Initiatives - (ASB, PALs, No Place for Hate, and other school-wide activities)
  • Student Stakeholder Engagement - (Student Surveys, General Discussions, etc.
  • Team Building Activities

What is Tutorial?

Tutorial is a 30-minute period after lunch on Wednesdays and Thursdays, affording students the opportunity to seek additional support, instruction, and review with each of their teachers on a rotating schedule. In addition, teachers of any class may request a student on a Tutorial day if that teacher feels extra support is necessary, or if the student needs to make up a test or quiz. Tutorial periods provide teachers with additional time within the school day to work with students in smaller instructional groups and offer one-on-one support.

When students do not need additional instructional assistance, they may participate in other enrichment activities offered on campus, such as Career Talks, Music History classes, or other enrichment supports. Career Talks are special events through which members of our community share their individual paths to success, as well as their accomplishments, inspiring students to pursue their own passions. A range of fields are represented, from sports to music, culinary arts to writing, medicine, non-profit work, and much more. Cultural Music History is provided in partnership with the Music Preserves Foundation, with coursework designed to inspire a deeper level of appreciation for American music and the musicians who created America's art forms. We also partner with SchooPower, and through their generous resources we are able to offer additional unique and engaging enrichment opportunities during the tutorial periods.

Students buying food from a food truck
Students playing tug-of-war
Students cheering on another student running through a tunnel