Welcome to Thurston Middle School (TMS), home of the Waveriders.

Established in 1968, Thurston Middle School was originally known as Marie Thurston Junior High. It was built to honor Marie Thurston who was the first principal of Laguna Beach Grade School in 1913 and one of the first teachers in Laguna Beach.

Thurston Middle School is a 3-year public middle school providing a safe learning environment for over 780 students each year. It is the only middle school in the Laguna Beach Unified School District.

Thurston Middle School has a saying: BE Thurston. We want all of our staff and students to see themselves as an integral part of what makes our school successful. In the classrooms, teachers create rigorous and engaging opportunities for all students to meet the standards. Across campus, students are encouraged to follow their passions by joining clubs or attending extracurricular activities that tap into their unique sensibilities. We promote kindness and positivity throughout the year, making sure every student has a chance to be seen and heard.

Being Thurston means never resting on our laurels. Learning is a continuous process that involves reflection and a willingness to meet new challenges. Our staff constantly seeks ways to improve their teaching through professional development and collaboration. We continue to focus on building relationships with our students, providing a safe environment for everyone to succeed. We ask that students meet those same goals: to reflect and push themselves to progress and grow.

Thurston Office